My chess queens application

Check out my chess queens application:

There are 14,200 ways to place 12 queens on a 12×12 chess board, and Google Chrome is the fastest browser to calculate it. If you check the number of ways to place 16 queens or rooks on a 16×16 chess board, with a minimum distance of 4 – there are only 2 ways to do this. Each of them is symmetric.

There are 92 ways to place 8 queens on a 8×8 chess board, without any queen attacking each other. The complete list of solutions is found on Wikipedia.

The fire of the Carmel

Yesterday we went to see what’s left from the forests of the Carmel. We saw many green trees, but also trees burned completely to the roots and partially burned trees. There were beautiful flowers, only about one week old, growing from the ground. There is smell of ashes all over the place. We wanted to see Beit Oren, but it’s not open for visitors. But we saw some of the burned houses. On the one hand it’s sad, but on the other hand I think the forest will grow again, and we should let nature do it naturally.