Websites which block users from specific countries by their IP address (like Pandora) or redirect users to local websites (like Google) or display different content to different users based on their IP address (Google) are practicing Ipism, which is like racism or speciesism should be illegal discrimination of users based on their IP address. All internet users should be equal and should not be discriminated by their IP address, location, sex, age, race, nationality etc. Ipism should be illegal and websites such as Pandora should be closed, Google should be forced to display the same content to all users of all IP addresses and nobody should discriminate users by their IP address. And by the way, Google’s Inbox being limited to Google Chrome only is practicing browserism, which is discriminating users by their browsers. This should be illegal too.


Ipism – Speedypedia [alpha] – in English
Ipism – Speedypedia [alpha] – in Hebrew