How many roots has Poodle?

Well of course Googleplex (like any exponent of Ten) actually has only Two prime divisors – Two and Five. Googleplex is actually Google times Two multiplied by Google times Five. So it seems to me he has (Google plus One) times (Google plus One) roots minus One, not including himself. Actually all roots of Google are probably roots of Googleplex too. Since Google is probably a root of Googleplex too. Is he? Let me think. I think he is. One Hundred is a divisor of Google so he is probably a root of Googleplex too. But not all divisors of Google are also Googleplex’s roots. I think only those who have the same number of Two and Five as prime divisors – only those who are exponents of Ten. But not all of them – only those who divide Google – for example One Thousand is not. One Thousand is Three times Ten (TenThree), but Three is not a divisor of Google. Only those divisors of Google who are exponents of Ten and their exponent of Ten is a divisor of Google – They are real Googleplex roots.

So lets name them (do they already have names? maybe. but lets name them again):

One Hundred // TenTwo
Ten Thousand // TenFour
One Hundred Thousand // TenFive
Ten Billion // TenTen
One Hundred Million Trillion // TenTwenty
Gillion // Ten Trillion Trillion // TenTwenty Five
<!– all *illion are small numbers; *oo?le are big –>
Goodle // Gillion Gillion // TenFifty
Google // Goodle Goodle // TenOne Hundred // It’s a lovely name – don’t let them give him a bad name…
Doogle // Google Google // TenTwo Hundred
Toogle // TenTwo Hundred and Fifty
Boodle // TenFive Hundred
Noodle // TenOne Thousand
Noogle // TenTwo Thousand
Nooble // TenTwo Thousand Five Hundred
Nootle // TenFive Thousand
Tootle // TenTen Thousand
Toople // TenTwenty Thousand
Tooshle // TenTwenty Five Thousand
Toorle // TenFifty Thousand
Toorrle // TenOne Hundred Thousand
Toorrrle // TenTwo Hundred Thousand
Toorrrrle // TenFive Hundred Thousand
Tooggle // TenOne Million
Toogggle // TenTwo Million
Tooggggle // TenFive Million
Toottle // TenTen Million
Tootttle // TenTwenty Million
Toozzle // TenTwenty Five Million

……. // sorry no time to name them all now….

Zoozzle // TenGoodle
Poodle // TenGoogle a.k.a. “Googleplex”

Poodle sounds much better. And by the way if you make a mistake with calculations you can always say it’s just a spelling mistake…

Give them names my friends. Pass to your friends and give more names. Create a wiki or something, and send me the best names. I’ll add them here, you can add <!– comments –>too. But remember it’s copyleft, you know the rules, anything can be modified and changed. No name is forever, no comment, no remove. Whatever you change can be undone by others. But since Wikipedia’s boycotting me, I’ll do it elsewhere. Who needs them anyway? For me everything is copyleft GPL. Send me new names my friends, and send to your friends. I will put them here. Or maybe move to another post, I don’t know. But please don’t call it Googleplex, I hate the name. Call it Poodle, or give it your own name. It’s too long a name for such a nice number, don’t you think? And by the way there are bigger numbers than that…

Pooddle // TenDoogle
Pootle // TenToogle

<!– to be continued… –>

I love numbers….